European Parcel Gilt Silver-Hilt Smallsword, Mid-18th C


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Featuring silver hilt cast, pierced and chased with flowering foliage between ribboned
borders; comprising double shell-guard, quillon block, pas d’ane, lobed rear quillon, knuckle
bow, and globular pommel with button; all with a light gold wash. Knuckle bow stamped
with Dutch import marks. The grip (somewhat loose) elaborately formed with twisted silver
wire and gilt ribbon, finished with Turk’s heads top and bottom. Tapering 29 1/4″ hollow-
ground blade of triangular section; the upper third etched, blued, and gilt, with foliate design
and profile of a man with turban in an oval. Overall length 35 1/4″. Provenance: Collection
of Seymour Haden, and sold at auction in 1911 in Amsterdam. An original copy of the
printed hardbound auction catalog is included, which features a photograph of this sword.
Each lot with hammer price hand-written next to the description. The catalog alone is very
rare and worth several hundred dollars.