British P1821 Cavalry Officer’s Sabre


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Nickel-plated regulation pattern hilt with two-branch guard and reverse scroll quillon.
Shark skin grip (worn) secured by a ferrule at the base with 3-strand copper wire wrap;
integral pommel and knurled backstrap. Slightly curved 35 1/4″ nickel-plated blade with
broad single fuller, stamped “PROVED” in a circle on the ricasso and lightly etched with
floral motifs, stands of arms and the royal cypher of Queen Victoria (some rust and nickel
loss). Nickel-plated scabbard with two carrying rings, some of the nickel is lifting and there
is an approximately 1″ long rust-through on the reverse just below the upper carry ring.
With the nickel plating this sword is likely from the later part of Queen Victoria’s reign.