Cased Pair of Percussion Muff Pistols, ca. 1850

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Matching pair of percussion boxlock pistols with 3″ round Damascus screw-off barrels.
Concealed folding triggers extend when hammer is cocked. Liege proof marks and serial
number “969″ on the frame of each pistol. Frames engraved with scrolling acanthus motif.
One-piece ebony grips with percussion cap storage in butt cap. Original dark blue velvet-
lined 11 ½” x 6 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ oak case with worn London maker’s label on the inside.
Accessories in the compartmented case include copper and brass pistol flask (shallow
dents), combination screw driver/hammer/powder measure, and worm. Also in the case
are a number of lead balls and percussion caps. Case lid with vacant round brass
escutcheon and key escutcheon on front (key absent). Pistols in very good condition with
metal surfaces cleaned and minor handling marks on grips. Case shows wear and
handling marks commensurate with age and use.