Chiseled and Silver Inlayed Smallsword, ca. 1680

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Iron hilt featuring asymmetrical shell guard, pas d’ane, knucklebow, and spherical pommel,
chiseled ensuite with silver inlayed human figures and foliage on a blackened background
(minor silver loss). Wood grip with alternating twisted iron and copper wire and copper turks
heads top and bottom. Hexagonal-section 28 1/4″ blade engraved with foliage and the
framed cabalistic number “*1*6*1*6*” on the upper third (worn, with some pitting near the
point) Original black leather scabbard with steel mounts (two repaired breaks in the leather
on lower end and seam partially open). Sword of very good quality showing some wear and
use, but still in very good condition for its age. Probably French. Overall length 34 1/4″.