Fabulous Gilt Mace of a Hungarian Nobleman, Second Half 17th C

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Of large proportions featuring head comprised of eight soldered gilt bronze flanges, each
pierced with stars, moon, and a large snowflake shape; acorn-shaped finial. Wooden shaft
covered with red velvet (worn, with some holes) and fitted with gilt bronze sleeve and grip
decorated with embossed motif; the grip end fitted with a small iron ring for attachment of a
retaining strap. While this was primarily a symbol of status for a high ranking official, it
could also be an effective weapon. Very similar example with nearly identical flanges
illustrated and described in the Hungarian language book “Vas, Ezust es Arany” (“Iron,
Silver, and Gold” in English), described on page 59, example 132, and illustrated in Table
51. Minor loss to gilding, primarily on the head. Overall length 28 1/8″. Very rare and
impressive weapon and work of art.