Fine Austrian Wheellock Rifle, ca. 1680

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Featuring long flat lock plate, beautifully engraved with foliage and dogs chasing a deer on
stippled background; external wheel with brass cover decorated with hunting dogs and the
Austrian double-headed eagle; cock with engraved monster head; sliding pan cover.
Unmarked 25 1/8″ octagonal barrel of 17mm caliber with slightly flared muzzle; dovetailed
steel rear notch sight, and dovetailed brass front blade sight. Fruitwood stock with large
cheek piece, beautifully carved with foliage and leaping stags and inset with a carved
rectangular bone panel depicting a mounted huntsman and dogs chasing a large buck.
Bone butt cap, fore end cap, butt base plate, ramrod thimbles, and ramrod tip; all lightly
carved and decorated in black ink depicting foliage and a wild boar. Patchbox with
beautifully carved figures of Venus and Aphrodite flanked with geometric and foliate
designs in black ink. Set trigger with notched three-fingered trigger guard. Original wood
ramrod with bone tip decorated ensuite. Very high quality workmanship and in very good
plus condition, with only minor imperfections. Overall length 38 1/4″.