German Horseman’s Broadsword, 2nd Half 17th C


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Very scarce spiral grip of cast pewter, the hilt formed of relatively crudely forged iron bars
forming a knucklebow and side bar with diagonal bar connecting, thumb ring on reverse.
Down-curved single quillon with knob finial. Two large side rings with inserted iron plates,
each pierced with a pattern of round holes. The ovoid pommel accepts the two screwed
guard bars. Hexagonal-section double edged 31 1/4″ blade with short single fuller each
side, incised with cabalistic numbers “1414″ and Solingen Running Wolf mark. Iron parts
showing much use and great age, with dark black-brown patina. Blade with edge nicks and
light pitting, with matching dark patina. Similar swords are pictured in Neumann’s “Swords
and Blades of the American Revolution”. Overall length 37″.