German Nurnberg Chest, ca. 1650


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Made entirely of sheet iron, with reinforcing bands and reinforced corners. False lock on
front, plus two heavy hasps for padlocks. The real lock is on the top with a sprung plate
covering the keyhole; activated by a hidden button on the front edge of the lid; retaining its
original key. Complex lock mechanism featuring 6 heavy moveable bolts and 4 fixed bolts
at the rear; cover plate pierced with a scene of fighting stags. Inside features smaller
locking iron compartment (key replaced). Heavy loop handles on each end. Exterior
painted a dark green with colored flower heads painted at the rivets (cleaned and
refreshed). Interior repainted in a red-orange, as was original. Length approx. 27″ L by 17″
H by 17″ D, weight approx. 110 pounds. Very good restored condition with all mechanics in
working order.  Price includes shipping in the Continental US.