Japanese WWII Gendaito Katana with Signed Blade

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Hand forged 25 1/8″ blade (measured from kissaki to mune machi) with gunome hamon,
nakago (tang) signed “Kojo Yoshikuni”, which would translate to Yoshikuni of Edo Castle.
The Japanese Supreme Command was located at Edo Castle during WWII and this
sword was possibly made for a high ranking staff member. Blade is very good and still
razor-sharp with very minor scratches and a couple very tiny nicks. Gunto mounts
including cast brass tsuba (Guard), fuchi (collar), menuki (grip decorations) and kashira
(pommel), all decorated ensuite with cherry blossoms. Simulated same (rayskin grip
wrap) with brown ito (silk over-wrap). Black lacquered wood saya (scabbard) with painted
gold dragons (large chips missing from lacqeur, primarily at the seams).
Overall length 36 ½”.