Confederate Cavalry Sword and Scabbard


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Totally unmarked, but unquestionably of Confederate manufacture and showing all the
features generally associated with Southern-made swords. Featuring straight 35 3/8″
single-edged blade with broad unstopped fuller; the last 8″ double-edged. Hand-filed cast
brass guard with knuckle bow and two branches (outer branch bent), joining the brass
capstan pommel. Original leather-covered wood grip (wear and small losses) with brass
ferrule at the base. Original iron scabbard with brass drag and carry bands with iron rings;
crudely lapped braised seam and painted black. Overall length 40 ½”, not including
scabbard. While most cavalry swords used during the Civil War had curved blades, this
straight blade is reminiscent of French cuiraissier regiments of the 19th C.