Napoleonic Hussar Officer’s Saber, ca. 1810


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Light cavalry saber of the Napoleonic First Empire period featuring iron stirrup hilt with
double rectangular langets and single scroll quillon. Capstan pommel with integral back
strap; leather-wrapped wood grip with twisted brass wire, the leather worn away except in
protected places beneath wire and backstrap. Curved 29″ single-edged blade with hatchet
point and broad central fuller and narrow fuller at back edge. The blade blued with gold-
filled engravings of foliage and stands of arms with gilt maker’s mark at ricasso (partially
obscured by langets). The blade is likely German, but the style was typical of all
European combatants during the Napoleonic Wars, so could have been a private
purchase by an officer of any of those nations. Overall length 34 ½”. No scabbard. Very
good condition with minor corrosion on blade and the wear to grip wrap as noted.