North European Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, ca. 1660


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Showing the reduced hilt size and shortened blade which began evolving from the full
sized rapier around the middle of the 17th C, this sword type is often called a “pillow sword”
due to its small size and the thought that it could be kept under one’s pillow to protect
against an intruder. It is doubtful, however, that this was commonly the case. The steel
hilt has short down-turned lobed quillons, a single side ring, and an ovoid pommel with
button; the whole being engraved ensuite with scrolling foliage. Spiral grip with twisted
wire wrap and turks heads top and bottom. Unmarked 30″ diamond-section blade, lightly
pitted overall. Probably Dutch. Overall length 35 3/4″.