Pappenheimer Rapier, Probably late 19th C


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Steel hilt of typical Pappenheimer style composed of flat and rounded bars with a sprung-
in plate in each of the lower side rings and pierced with a concentric hole pattern. Faceted
pear-shaped pommel with button; spiral wood grip wrapped with twisted steel wire (slightly
loose) and finished with braided brass turks heads top and bottom. Hilt with traces of
original blackening. Straight 42 ½” lens-section blade deeply etched with foliage, knights
in armor with stippled background, the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire, and the
words “PRO+PATRIA+PRO+DEO” (For Country, For God) on each side. Long flat ricasso
deeply stamped with a heart-shaped mark; the blade transitioning to diamond-section
toward the lower part of the etching and continuing to the point. Well-balanced and fine
quality throughout. Overall length 47″.