Pre-WWI US Trench Art Shell


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Manufactured by the Union Metallic Cartridge Company of Bridgeport, CT and dated “3-
98″ (March, 1898), the empty brass shell casing bears a raised image of a seated dragon
on a red-painted stippled background. The size of the projectile appears to be about
55mm, but the base of the cartridge is not marked as to caliber. The base is stamped
“UMC Co” and “BRIDGEPORT CONN USA”. Base of shell is 70 mm diameter and rim is
76 mm. Shell casing partially filled with what appears to be some kind of clay or cement,
making this a heavy piece at over 5 pounds. Top rim with several tears (see photo).
Primer removed and two additional smaller holes drilled in the base for possible use as a
lamp. Height 12 1/8″. Attractive piece with the red background and a nice patina to the
brass. Price includes domestic US shipping.