Pre-WWII US M1902 Army Officer’s Sabre


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Developed during the late 19th C as a replacement for the unpopular straight-bladed and
purely ceremonial M1872 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword, the US M1902 General Officer’s
Sword was officially adopted on July 17th, 1902 for use by all officers of the United States
Army, excluding chaplains. While still a light-weight sword intended primarily for
ceremonial use, it’s slightly curved blade and larger guard made it at least feasible for
actual combat use. It is the model still used today by US Army officers. Adhering closely
to the standard pattern, this example features black-painted wood grips with finger
grooves and nickel-plated steel 3-branch guard joining the birds-head pommel with
integral backstrap. Nickel-plated 32″ gently curved blade with single 3/4 length fuller and
etched with scrolling foliage and “US” on one sid; the space on the opposite side for
possible presentation is blank. It is unusual in its having no maker or import markings
anywhere on the blade. This likely indicates it was made before the Smoot-Hawley Tariff
Act of 1930 which required imports of this type to be marked with the country of origin in
English (Many of these swords were either imports or used imported blades). Nickel-
plated steel scabbard with twin carrying rings. The only marking we have been able to
locate is the number “6″ stamped on the scabbard throat. Blade with scattered light
scratches and small areas where the nickel-plating is flaking; the largest at the point.
Scabbard with some corrosion coming through the plating. Hilt very good.
Overall length 37 1/4″.