Prussian M1787 Fusilier Short Sword


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In German known as the “Faschinenmesser” (fascine knife in English), this type sword was
used by infantry and artillery regiments of the various German states from the late 1700’s
until the end of the First World War. These heavy short swords were used more for
clearing brush, making breastworks, etc. rather than as fighting weapons, though in a
pinch could be used as such. Several models were adopted by the different German
states and all were very similar, the most common probably being the Saxon M1845. This
example predates that, so it is obviously an earlier model. One-piece brass hilt featuring
straight guard with scrolled finials in opposite directions; integral ribbed grip and
forward-slanted dove-head pommel with button. Stamped on the guard is “110.R.6.155.”
(Restruck, indicating probable re-issue) and “17″ on one quillon. Unit markings were not
standardized until 1867, but this likely means 110th Infantry Regiment, 6th Company, 155th
weapon number. Broad heavy 18 5/8″ single-edged blade widening slightly toward the
hatchet point; stamped with date “1841″ on ricasso, with partial markings featuring what
appears to include “c48.”. Maker’s mark “S & K” on the other side (Schnitzler &
Kirschbaum of Solingen). This mark was used from 1787 until 1864. Includes two brass-
mounted black leather scabbards, neither of which appears to be the original. One may be
from a Saxon M1845 and fits the sword, but only because the seam is open and the lower
third, including the drag, is missing. The other scabbard is complete and in very good
condition, except the staple attaching the drag to the leather is lacking. However, the
sword will not seat fully in it because the end of the blade is broader than the scabbard. It
is, however, an original 19th C Faschinenmesser scabbard and is marked “4.R.4.84.” on the
brass throat. The sword itself is in very good condition with some scratches and age
staining toward the blade tip. Overall length 24″, not including scabbard.