Prussian M1845 Heavy Cavalry Saber


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With the success of the French Cuirassiers (heavy Cavalry) during the Napoleonic Wars,
much of Europe copied their long straight-bladed swords with the brass three-branch
guards. With Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo there were also many left over cavalry
swords which were either refurbished and re-issued by the French or taken by the
victorious allied forces. This example features a near mint straight 38 1/4″ single-edged
blade with double fullers that run all the way to the hatchet point. Stamped on the short
ricasso is “AMBERG”. While differing somewhat from the French ANXI and AN XIII hilts, it
still retains the basic feature of the brass hilt with knuckle bow and three additional
branches to the guard and more closely resembles that of the French M1822. Wood grip
with leather and twisted brass wire wrap. Unlike the French models, which were profusely
marked with arsenal markings and date on the spine of the blade and inspector stamps on
both hilt and blade, this piece features only “AMBERG” on the blade’s ricasso and an “S”
over “7″ on the upper side of the guard. Steel scabbard with twin carry rings and
asymmetrical drag, stamped with unit markings at the throat “1.CR.1.3.”, which appears to
be a partial re-strike over a different marking, indicating likely re-issue. This probably
indicates the 1st Cuirassier Regiment, 1st company, 3rd weapon. Overall length 44″, not
including scabbard. Hilt very good with minor wear to leather grip; blade smooth, bright,
and near mint; scabbard very good with light age staining and shallow dents primarily on
the lower half as typical from field use.