Scarce Iroquois Hammer Poll Tomahawk, Mid-18th C


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Having its origin in the medieval war hammer, the hammer poll is the rarest variety of
tomahawk behind the pipe tomahawk and spike axe tomahawk. Dating ca. 1750, this
example is of great fighting size with 6 ½” head and 3 ½” cutting edge. Hand forged with
double ears, elliptical eye, steel bit cutting edge and seam forge marks. Head with traces
of original red ochre paint as often found on war tomahawks. Old replacement shaft.
From the Robert Wheeler Collection and according to the consignor it was one of his
favorite pieces. As was every piece in Wheeler’s collection, it is marked with plastic tape,
this example reading “IROQUOIS/HAMMER POLL/1750″. One-of-a-kind piece having
survived both the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. This example
featured in Lar Hothem’s “Indian Trade Relics” on page 100, and also in “Who’s Who
in Indian Artifacts”, Vol.8, page 180. Overall length 14 ½”.