Spanish (Andalusia) Plug Bayonet, Late 18th/Early 19th C


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Distinctive design exclusive to the Andalusian region of Spain. Featuring broad tapering 8
3/4″ asymmetrical single-edged blade with short triple fullers near the back edge, the last 3
3/4″ double-edged. Back edge with file work notches. Ricasso covered on both sides with
a brass plate secured by steel rivets filed flush and decorated with scalloped edge and
incised with diagonal lines and wrigglework. Iron cross-guard with turned finials and quillon
block with file work decoration. Tapering turned horn grip (shows wear and chips from age
and use); cylindrical brass pommel and base ferrule with concentric rings. Very similar
examples pictured and described in R.D.C. Evans’ “The Plug Bayonet, An Identification
Guide for Collectors”, pp. 174,175. Overall length 14″. Very nice example.