Civil War M1860 “As Found” Cavalry Saber, with Hanger


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Produced by the Providence Tool Company of Providence, Rhode Island, this sword is the
US Model 1860 Cavalry saber and was one of the 10,434 sabers produced under the U.S.
Government Ordnance Department contract of February, 1862. Featuring 35″ curved
single-edged blade with broad 3/4-length fuller and shorter narrow fuller at the back edge;
the ricaaso clearly stamped “US/J.M./1862″ on one side and “PROV./TOOL/CO.” on the
other. Standard one-piece brass guard with knuckle bow and conjoined two-branch side
bars joining the brass capstan pommel, stamped on top with inspector’s initials “J.M.”.
Ribbed wood grip with original leather covering (about 50% worn away) and all of its
original twisted brass wire wrap. Brown metal scabbard with twin carry rings; still attached
is its complete original brass and leather two-strap sword hanger (one strap with leather
repair, leather dry and flaking), the brass stamped “FRANKFORD ARSENAL” and “U.S.”
Scabbard rusted and uncleaned, the drag showing wear from being carried on foot. Totally
complete and original. For the history buff who appreciates a heavily field-used piece of
history, this saber shows extensive battlefield use and is totally untouched since the Civil
War. Between its condition and early war date, no doubt this saber saw extensive service.
What stories it would have to tell if it could talk!