European Breastplate of Siege Weight, First Half 17th C


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Heavy russet iron breastplate with slender medial ridge and turned edges at the neck, arms
and waist; domed brass-headed lining rivets and a pair of studs for mounting the shoulder
straps. Stamped at the neck “LI” (probably an inventory number in Roman numerals), and
“B”. Bullet test near the ridge, making only a shallow dent, indicating the heaviness of the
armor. Scattered pitting and dark age patina. Weighs over 18 pounds (8.2 kg), height 15
½” (39.3 cm), width 15 1/4″ (38.7 cm). These heavy armors were often worn by sappers,
who would work close to an enemy’s fortifications and came under fire from every sort of
weapon and projectile. Sold separately, or with the matching back plate listed separately
(A2064). $100 discount of you purchase the pair.