Exquisite Jeweled Hungarian Pallasch with Original Scabbard, Late 17th C


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Featuring broad 35″ very sharp double-edged blade with wide shallow central fuller
stamped with “ME FECIT” one side and “SOLINGEN” on the other side with decorative
borders and stylized crosses; ricasso with line borders and stamped stars on both sides.
Iron guard with double down-turned quillons with acorn-shaped finials, recurved
knucklebow with acorn finial. Faceted brass-covered grip with capstan pommel, the
surfaces lightly engraved with scroll work and inlaid with two green gem stones in rosette
settings on both sides; pommel cap with oval green gem and red teardrop-shaped gem in
rosette settings. Original leather-over-wood scabbard with brass mounts decorated ensuite
and bearing green gems on the obverse; leather surfaces embossed with floral decor,
scroll work, and line borders. Overall length 39 3/4″, not including scabbard. Excellent
quality and condition, showing only minor wear, a few small patches of pitting on the blade,
and minor scuffs to scabbard. Style is Hungarian, but shows an Ottoman influence in its
decoration. Certainly owned by a very wealthy and important nobleman and likely the only
one of its kind in existence.