French Napoleonic Hussar Saber, Dated 1813


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Featuring high copper content brass stirrup hilt with asymmetrical double langets, straight
rear quillon with hexagonal acorn-shaped finial; integral knuckle bow joining the capstan
pommel and integral backstrap. Original cord and leather-covered grip (worn, but complete)
with twisted brass wire in the grooves. Broad 34 3/4″ curved single-edged blade with broad
fuller, the spine engraved “Mf/ture Imp/ale du Klingenthal Avril 1813″ in script. The fuller is
stamped with the marks of Joseph Innocent Kranz (star over K in circle) and Francois Louis
Lobstein (L in circle). Between those marks is what appears to be either a “B” or “D”
surrounded by a wreath in a circle. It is most likely a “B” and the mark of Controller 1st Class
J.G. Bick. Very good condition, the metal cleaned in European fashion; the blade with light
pitting overall, a few patches of heavier pitting, and shallow edge nicks (primarily near the
point). Overall length 39 5/8″. No scabbard, as is common with battlefield pickups. Very
likely a veteran of Waterloo. From a large European collection of French Napoleonic era
firearms and edged weapons.