German Swept Hilt Rapier, First Quarter 17th C


Iron hilt of oval-section bars with straight quillons expanding toward the finials, large pas
d’ane with a series of concentric rings extending upward from its base and forming the
outer guard, the largest ring with a bar joining at the middle of the knuckle bow. Reverse
guard featuring two small bars extending upward from the base of the pas d’ane and two
further bars extending from the middle of the pas d’ane upward and then connecting to the
knucklebow. Fluted tapering cylindrical pommel with large button; spiral grip with twisted
iron wire wrap and Turks heads top and bottom (bottom Turks head with some damage on
reverse). Slender 42 1/2″ hexagonal-section double-edged blade with short central fuller
bearing faint inscription (ME FECIT SOLINGEN?) and anchor mark just past the fuller’s
end. Metal showing wear, age patina, and pitting. Overall length 48 1/4″.