German WWII k98 Mauser Rifle


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1944 WWII German dou code Brunn Model K98 7.92x57mm caliber bolt action rifle. The
“k” stands for “karabiner”, meaning “carbine” in English, as opposed to the original g98
“gewehr”, or “rifle” in English, which was the longer version used by the German military
from 1898 to 1935. It was the standard infantry rifle of German forces during WWII.

Features hooded front sight and adjustable rear sight to 2000 meters. Matching serial
numbers on barrel, bolt, bolt sleeve and rear sight. Receiver stamped “dou / 44″ for
Waffenwerke Brunn. Illegible Waffenamt stamp on receiver, but numerous Nazi markings
elsewhere. Military proof on barrel, no import mark. Cleaning rod, steel butt plate. Very
good overall; the metal having been reblued. Barrel length 23″, overall length 43 1/4”.
Many of these rifles were taken during the war by the Russians, who had them refurbished
for use primarily by Eastern Bloc countries. Manufactured in 1944 in German-occupied
Czechoslovakia, Waffenwerke Brunn AG is the name the Germans gave the small arms
factory at Bystrica, Czechoslovakia, located in the former Austro-Hungarian territory of
Slovakia. Prior to German occupation, the factory produced VZ-24 rifles for export and the
Czech military. This gun is classified as a Curio & Relic, and must ship to either an FFL or
holder of a Curio & Relic license.