Hungarian Hussar Officer’s Saber, ca. 1760


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The fearsome light cavalry hussars originated in Hungary in the 17th Century and were
copied by nearly every Western nation until the 20th Century. Known for their flamboyant
uniforms, bravery, and brash tactics they were some of the most elite troops in Europe.
This exceptional example features a broad curved 32 ½” single-edged blade with wide full-
length single fuller; engraved on one side with “FRINGIA” and man-in-the-moon, sun face,
and stars on the other. Maker’s name “Weiz” engraved in script on the blade spine. Brass
stirrup hilt with double langets and long reverse quillon with faceted finial. Knucklebow
attached to the dove-head pommel and integral backstrap. Wooden grip with original cord
and leather wrap; large decorative brass rivet securing hilt to blade. Original leather-
covered wood scabbard with large ornate embossed brass mounts, twin carry rings, and
reinforcing bands along the front and rear edges. Numerous shallow dents to scabbard
mounts typical of mounted use. The superb blade is near excellent with sharp and clear
markings, showing lamination and light scattered pitting. Brass with even brown patina.
Overall length 37″, not including scabbard. A nearly identical example recently sold at
European auction for 7600 euro.