Hungarian Hussar Saber, 17th C


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Clearly showing Ottoman influence, this saber features deeply curved 32 1/8″ single-edged
unfullered blade with expanded 10″ double-edged point, stamped “**FRINGIA** on one
side. Hilt features cross-shaped guard consisting of straight tapering rectangular-section
quillions and long, slender double langets. Wood grip inset on both sides for the langets
and retaining its original cord and leather-wrapped cover and single rivet, the end curving
and topped with a two-piece teardrop-shaped capstan pommel. Very good condition, the
blade having been cleaned and showing light pitting; the guard somewhat loose due to
shrinkage of the grip. Overall length 36 5/8″. Similar examples in the Landeszeughaus,
Graz, Austria, and illustrated and described in “Schwert und Spiess, Landeszeughaus Graz”
on pages 34 through 37. Such swords were used in centuries of conflicts with the Ottoman