Hungarian Hussar Display


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Featuring a beautiful original tunic for the parade hussars of the Hungarian People’s Army
in very good condition with minor expert restorations; the shell of bright red wool with
midnight blue piping and demi-vest with gold lace and fixed brass ball buttons; broad dark
green edging on front and bottom. Sleeves with midnight blue and dark green chevrons
edged with gold lace; collar with dark green bands edged with gold lace. Back of shell with
gold lace scrolls; lining of gray-green silk. No maker’s label or name tag; very minor moth
damage, none of which is visible in the display . Mounted diagonally across the dolman is a
hussar officer’s saber of the early 19th C with stirrup hilt, dove head pommel with integral
backstrap and riveted scrolled ears, single langets (reverse missing), and black leather and
twisted brass wire covered grip. Broad 31 ½” curved single-edged blade, lightly etched with
foliage and stands of arms over the upper two thirds. Professionally mounted in custom
walnut finished wood case with removable clear Lexan panel on the front. Easily mounts on
a pair of screws fastened to any wall. Dolman and saber are sewn with thread to the gold
velveteen-covered backing board so as to not damage either piece. Dimensions 31″ high
by 29″ wide by 3 ½” deep. The hussars were light cavalry originating in Hungary and
Poland and adopted by almost all European nations of the Napoleonic era through WWI.
Exceptionally attractive display sure to command the attention of any military history buff.
Price includes shipping in the contiguous USA, the cost of which has doubled since Covid!
We used Lexan instead of glass so it can be safely shipped without fear of broken glass
damaging the fabric.