Dress Chapeau of Mexican President Don Porfirio Diaz, Late 19th/Early 20th C


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Elegant dress chapeau, the body made of black beaver with gold brocade on both sides;
the right side with Mexican tri-color cockade and gold bullion braid angled over the top,
secured by a single button bearing the Mexican coat of arms of an eagle perched on a
cactus devouring a rattlesnake. White ostrich plume on top running the length of the
chapeau. White satin lining with gold emblem depicting an eagle surmounting a globe and
bearing the words “MODE DE PARIS”; the sweat band with retailer’s name “Reinbeck &
Becker S en C/Plaza de la Constitucion 15/MEXICO”. Contained in its original red hat box
with brass handle and clasps; with green velvet lining bearing retailer’s name and address
in gold on the lid. Very good condition for its age, retaining bright colors; the ostrich feather
shedding and lining with some stains. Box very good, showing handling wear around the
edges. Chapeau 20″ long by 7″ wide by 6″ high; the box 21 3/4″ long by 8″ wide by 7 3/4″

Don Porfirio Diaz (September 15th,1830 – July 2nd, 1915) was a Mexican general and
politician who served 7 terms as President of Mexico. He served a total of 31 years in
several stints from November 28th, 1876 to May 25th, 1911. And remains the longest-
serving president in Mexican history. His reign was a de facto dictatorship which brought
relative political stability and economic growth, though these benefits were generally not
shared with the masses. He declared himself the winner in his eight term, but his
opponent, Francisco Madero, called for an armed rebellion against Diaz, leading to the
Mexican Revolution of 1911. After suffering a number of defeats by Madero’s forces, Diaz
went into exile in Paris, where he died 4 years later. There is a photo of Diaz, ca. 1910, in
full dress uniform wearing what may be this exact chapeau.