Ottoman Mamluk Saber, early 19th C

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Featuring deeply curved 31″ single-edged blade with two cartouches containing arabic
inscriptions on one side and an engraved starburst on the other. Gilt bronze hilt of typical
Mamluk style with guard ending with slightly recurved acorn finials and double langets.
Backstrap extending around the scrolled pommel along both sides of the two-piece bone
slab grips which are riveted through the blade tang with two decorative gilt rivets. Guard is
decorated with foliate design in low relief. Overall length 36 ½”. Blade with scattered light
pitting and age staining and several areas of heavier pitting. Bone grips with nice age
patina. Most of the gilding remains on the foliate decoration with about 25% remaining on
the backstrap. Similar examples illustrated in “Islamic Weapons, Maghrib to Moghul”
by Anthony Tirri, fig. 37.