Unique European Executioner’s Sword of High Quality, 17th C


Gilded brass hilt featuring straight guard with acorn finials, spherical pommel with raised
lion faces on four quadrants and scrolling foliage in between; large button finial. Quillon
block decorated ensuite with lion face on each side. Spiral wood grip with elaborate
alternating twisted and straight brass wire wrap; gilded brass ferrules with engraved
scrolling foliage top and bottom. Unusual straight 35 1/4″ blade; single-edged with single
fuller at the back edge for the first 20 inches and double-edged and unfullered for the
remainder of its length. Blunted tip with three small punched holes. Engraved copper-filled
wheel on one side. Blade shows file marks, light pitting, forging flaws, and one small area
of delamination on one side in the fuller (see photo). Hilt retains approximately 50% of its
original gilding. Overall length 45″, weight 3 pounds 13 ounces (1734 g). Unlike any
executioner sword we have ever encountered, but definitely made for that purpose.