Well-documented Revolutionary War Era Spiked Tomahawk


Used by the Iroquois Federation, this well-documented spiked tomahawk is from the John
Baldwin Collection and pictured in his book “Early Knives and Beaded Sheaths”, p. 80.
Featuring hand forged axe head constructed by forge welding and riveting two
pieces together with steel cutting edge. Mounted on later hardwood haft, the long handle
making this the perfect size for hard fighting. In museum condition with beautiful age
patina. Head 8 ½“ long, overall length 22 1/2″ One of the finest early Indian Wars period
tomahawks we have ever offered. From the Tom Richards collection and featured in
“Who’s Who in Indian Relics”, No. 10, p. 291. Also featured in Lar Hothem’s “Ornamental
Indian Artifacts” p. 389.