Flintlock Pistol by Enguls of Cleves, ca. 1780

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Featuring 8 3/8″ octagonal to round barrel of approximately .65 caliber with remains of
gold-filled engraved design at the breach; brass front blade sight. Rounded lockplate
marked “T: ENGULS/A CLEUES”; brazed repair to the swan-neck cock. Figured walnut full
stock with relief carved acanthus decoration and horn fore end. Brass mounts decorated
with classical motif, including side plate, elongated trigger guard with final, extended butt
cap, and ramrod thimbles. Original horn-tipped ramrod. Mechanically fine. Overall length
14 1/4″. Stockel does not list an Enguls or similar name in or around Cleves (northwestern
part of Germany near the Dutch border), so this is likely a rare maker. Very attractive