French Napoleonic AN XIII (Model 1805) Flintlock Pistol

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Approximately 300,000 French AN XIII (Model 1805) flintlock pistols were manufactured
between 1806 and 1814 and widely used by French cavalry during the Napoleonic Wars.
Many were converted to percussion in later years. This example manufactured at the
Maubeuge arsenal and marked on the lockplate “Maubeuge/Manuf. Impl.” in script with
the “B” stamp of Daniel Bouissavy, controller at Maubeuge between 1808 and 1816. The
action is nice and tight, flawless, locking up tight and engaging properly. Lock plate
markings are very crisp and free of any pitting. Round smoothbore .69 cal. 7 7/8″ barrel
with octagonal breech, cleaned and bearing faint “Mle AN13″ marking in script on tang.
Brass fittings include pan, side plate, trigger guard, butt cap, and fore end cap; showing
nice mellow patina. Numerous inspection/assembly stamps on metal fittings and “AH”
cartouche on side plate. Walnut stock with nicks and scratches commensurate with age
and field use; a few scattered worm holes. Steel ramrod with button tip, stamped with “10″
and a crown over “P”. Overall length 14 1/4″. Many of these were carried at the Battle of
Waterloo as French Cuirassiers attacked the British infantry squares.