Plains Indian Gun Stock War Club

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Classic three bladed Plains Indian gunstock war club, dating to the late 19th or early
20th century. Constructed from hard wood plank and fitted with three unmarked 7 1/2
inch Indian trade knives. Green and red finish with a few incised line decorations. This
highly sought after club has steel shank brass tacks (several missing). Shows honest
usage consistent with its age. Most of these weapons were made by the Indian owners
that carried them. Because Plains tribes had a scarcity of trees, wood was salvaged or
captured from discarded pioneer furniture, wagons, or homestead tools and used for
their weapons. Since the turn of the 19th Century many examples were created for wild
west shows, ceremonial reservation dances, and museum displays. This gun stock war
club is very similar to one depicted in L. A. Huffmans albumin photo taken in 1880 of
Sioux Chief “Spotted Eagle”, holding a studio prop similar in design and style. These
clubs were a symbol of power and their stylized look caught on in many Wild West
shows. Total length 46 1/4″ overall.