Silver Inlaid English Rapier, ca. 1630


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Blackened iron hilt featuring vertically recurved quillons with flattened lobe finials; large
side ring linked to the knucklebow by an upswept bar; small upturned side ring on
reverse; large globular pommel with button. Hilt surfaces encrusted with silver inlaid
flowering tendrils within borders and winged cherub’s heads. Hilt shows wear and silver
loss commensurate with field use. Double-edged 34″ blade of lens section with full
length central fuller (point rounded). Indistinct marks stamped in the fuller and a maker’s
mark in the shape of a bear on the ricasso. This type of sword was popular with the
nobility and wealthy cavalry officers during the English Civil War and this example shows
the type of wear expected of a sword which saw use in this conflict. Overall length 40″.
Provenance: Christies, South Kensington, Antique Arms and Armour, 23 May, 1990.