British Colonial Sword Cane, ca. 1930


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Featuring round-section 31″ black can body crudely decorated with chip carvings top and
bottom and a tapering brass cap (wood worn and re-painted). Tapering round-section grip,
the top of horn and the bottom of carved bone; brass lion-face pommel cap and brass base
ferrule that twist locks to the cane body. Tapering, flat 21 1/4″ single-edged blade, crudely
dot-engraved with “INDIA”. This marking likely dates the piece to circa 1930, as this is
when the U.S. Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 required all imports to the US be marked
with the country of origin in English. The fact that it is crudely engraved means it was likely
a post-production addition to comply with the new law. Later pieces would have a more
professionally applied stamped country name. Cane shows considerable use and wear to
both wood and metal, but is fully intact and functional. Overall length 35 5/8″.