Exquisite Chiseled North European Rapier, ca. 1650


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Unique and superbly chiseled iron hilt with separate lower guard featuring down-turned
acorn-shaped knob on the obverse side and an upturned hollow heart on the reverse.
Partial pas d’ane with long chiseled quillon block and single chiseled acorn-shaped quillon.
Single side ring curving upward to join the knuckle bow, which in turn joins the acorn-
shaped pommel with large button. Decorated ensuite with chiseled acanthus design in
relief. Original grip wrapped with two sizes of twisted copper wire and finished with turks
heads top and bottom. Cleaned hollow-ground single-edged 35 3/8″ blade with ridge on
the spine and double-edged for the last 8 1/4″; remains of engraved design at the forte.
Overall length 42″. Beautiful and unique sword of extraordinary quality, much better in
person than photos.