Fine and Rare Landsknecht “Katzbalgar” Broadsword, First Quarter 16th C

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The Lansknechts were Germanic mercenary soldiers with a fierce reputation. Their
primary weapons were the pike, the “Zweihander” (two-handed sword), and the
“Katzbalgar” short sword made for close quarters fighting. They typically featured an S-
shaped guard, flared grip and pommel, and double-edged 28″ – 31″ blade with rounded
point, though numerous variations exist. It was primarily a cutting weapon, therefore a
sharp point was not needed and is rarely found. This is one of the finest examples we
have ever encountered, either in a museum or in private hands. The iron guard is hand-
forged, showing lamination, of the typical roped S-shape, however, the quillons are longer
than usual and bent downward toward the point, with large spirally fluted ball finials.
Original flared wood grip with large base ferrule and large capstan pommel with a roped
base and pyramid-shaped button. Hilt is tight, with no movement and does not appear to
have ever been apart. Double-edged 28 ½” blade of lens section with rounded point and 7
1/4″ central fuller bordered by incised lines and a series of punched dots. Long ricasso,
bordered by deeply incised lines and stamped with three four-leaf clover-shaped marks on
both sides. There are another four stamped crosses on one side just beyond the fuller.
Overall length 33 ½”. Shows great age, yet remains in very good original condition with
nothing loose. Similar examples pictured in “Europaische Hieb-und Stich-Waffen” by
Muller, Kolling, and Platow, #95 & 97. Provenance: Sold by Antiques Armory of Malta in