French Napoleonic Model AN XI Light Cavalry Officer’s Saber & Scabbard


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The French Model AN XI light cavalry saber was the first standard saber designated for all
light cavalry after the revolution and was introduced in the 9th year after the revolution
(1800). Offered here is the officer’s model, which would have been privately purchased
and, as such, there were many variations. Officer’s swords generally differed from the
trooper’s swords in that they had some decoration to both hilt and blade. The three-bar hilt
of this example is decorated only with recessed borders around all elements and a simple
engraving on the pommel cap. Long oval double langets and single scroll quillon; the
capstan pommel with integral backstrap. Original leather grip wrap with alternating single
strand and twisted copper wire wrap (leather complete, but showing wear). The 33 1/4″
curved single-fullered blade is likely a German import and features engraved foliage and
stands of arms typical of Solingen blades of the period. Original brass scabbard with iron
drag and carry rings, showing numerous dents and a period soldered sleeve and filled hole.
The drag also shows wear. The brass scabbard and German blade likely indicates an early
example and the damage to the scabbard typical of a sword which saw substantial field use.
Sword in very good condition, the metal having been cleaned in European fashion; the
blade with some patches of rust and age stains, primarily on the lower end. Engravings
mostly crisp. Overall length 38 ½”, not including scabbard. From a large European
collection of French Napoleonic era firearms and edged weapons.