German WWI Mauser Gew 98 Rifle

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The Gewehr 98 was introduced in 1898 and was the standard German military rifle from
1898 to 1935. It featured a bolt action receiver and internal 5-round magazine fed by
stripper clips; the 29″ rifled barrel is chambered for the 8mm Mauser cartridge (7.92 x 57
mm) using a spitzer bullet, which was a modification from the M/88 cartridge with a slightly
smaller round nose bullet. The chambering was non-interchangeable, so rifles made for
the new round were stamped with an “S” on the barrel behind the rear sight. Open post
type front sight and curved tangent type rear sight graduated from 400 to 2000 meters in
100 meter increments. The Gew 98 originally had a walnut full stock, but walnut shortages
in 1917 necessitated the use of beech wood. This example is clearly stamped
“WAFFENFABRIK/MAUSER A-G/OBERNDORF A/N/1917 on the top of the receiver and
features the beech wood stock. There is a tiny stamp on the right side of the receiver
“8MM TURKEY”, probably indicating post-war transfer to Turkey, which was an ally of
Germany in WWI. Matching n-series serial numbers on barrel, receiver, and bolt. Left side
of stock with stenciled unit markings in yellow, “4 Bl./582″. 90% bluing on barrel and
receiver, with sharp and clear markings; stock with a few tight stress cracks; no cleaning
rod. Overall length 49 1/4″. Must be shipped to Curio and Relic license holder or FFL in
buyer’s state of residence. Buyer must provide a copy of the license before we can ship
the rifle. We have other WWI and WWII firearms available which are not listed on the
website. Contact us if you are interested.