Japanese WWII era Type 19 Army Officer’s Kyu Gunto Saber


Company grade army officer’s parade saber featuring brass hilt with pierced floral pattern
in the guard; knuckle bow joining the pommel with integral backstrap. A chrysanthemum in
relief is on the side and upper rear of the backstrap. Black Bakelite grip (small chip on
reverse) with triple strands of alternating straight and twisted brass wire wrap. Unmarked
chrome-plated single-edged blade with full-length single fuller and false hamon. Original
nickel-plate scabbard with single carry ring. Very good condition with minor loss to chrome
on blade and typical scabbard wear. Scabbard with some loss to the nickel plating. Guard
excellent with pleasing patina. Overall length 33 5/8″, not including scabbard. Patterned
after their Western martial counterparts, these kyu gunto swords were used for parade and
dress events by Army officers. Though they are by no means scarce, prices for original
WWII era swords and daggers have been rising steadily as fewer and fewer WWII
veterans survive.