Scarce Pattern German WWII Army Officer’s Saber by Emil Voos


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There were many patterns of German Army officer swords produced during the Third
Reich, but one of the scarcest is that produced by the Solingen firm of Emil Voos. That
firm is best known for its Army and Luftwaffe daggers, but apparently also produced a few
Army officer swords. A photograph in the July, 1938 Solingen Edged Weapons Industry
publication “Die Klinge” illustrates this exact model. Completely unmarked, this example
features a 32″ slightly curved single-edged nickel-plated blade with single fuller. Gilt brass
hilt with P-guard and single langets both sides, featuring eagle and swastika in relief on the
obverse, and vacant shield on the reverse. Knuckle bow with oak leaves and eagle and
swastika; dove-head pommel and integral backstrap with floral decor and oak leaves in
relief. Black celluloid over wood grip with alternating single and double strands of brass
wire; brass base ferrule with oak leaves in relief. Black-painted scabbard with single carry
ring. Hilt very good with traces of original gilding; blade with some flaking and stains to the
nickel plating; scabbard with corrosion and retaining about 50% of the original paint.
Recent North Carolina attic find. Overall length 36 ½”, not including scabbard.