Silver-mounted Pair of English Flintlock Pistols by Wilson, ca. 1780

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Featuring tapering 4 ½” brass barrels of approximately .50 caliber; the breeches finely
engraved with acanthus and classical border. Brass pans and rounded lockplates, one
marked “WILSON” and the other “LONDON” with engraved acanthus behind the steel swan-
neck cocks. While Stockel lists numerous Wilsons, this is probably William Wilson,
London, 1756-1810. Figured walnut stocks with relief carving at the lockplate, tang and
wrist. Sterling silver mounts including side plate, trigger guard, ramrod thimbles, and butt
cap; each decorated in relief in classical style. Butt caps with silver hallmarks. Original
wood ramrods (one shortened) with turned steel tips. Mainsprings are strong, but one
pistol doesn’t release the cock properly. Overall length 9″. Very attractive matched pair.