World War I German Fighter Aircraft Fabric


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This cut-away segment of German aircraft fabric prominently features the cross insignia
used by the Luftstreitkraefte of Imperial Germany in World War I on a lozenge camouflage
background. In the lower right corner is “Fok..”, the designation for famed aircraft
manufacturer Fokker. The fabric is off a Fokker D.VII, a German World War I fighter,
recognized as one of the finest fighters of the war. A photograph of an original D.VII with
the same markings is in the lower right corner of the frame. The D.VII first appeared over
the Western Front in April 1918 and quickly became a feared and respected opponent by
the Allies. Despite having a short service life, D.VII pilots are credited with shooting down
565 enemy aircraft. Several German aces, including future Luftwaffe Chief Herman Goring,
flew the D.VII. The top and bottom of the fabric are cut at an angle matching the shape of
the aircraft’s fuselage. Fabric is mounted in a 43 3/4 x 31 3/4 inch double-sided frame,
which shows both sides. Very good condition, with a few small tears. The cloth is printed
on both sides and retains nearly all of its original color, with the outside slightly faded. The
painted cross has lost much of it’s original black, but the white outline remains clear. A
classic piece of World War I memorabilia, and a must-have for any collector of WWI