Fine Italian 4-ring Rapier, ca. 1620


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Symmetrical hilt composed of round and faceted flat-section bars; featuring 4 up-angled
rings and an additional looping bar joining the faceted knucklebow (several braised repairs
at the junctions). The smallest ring with a riveted plate stamped with geometric design;
knucklebow finial decorated ensuite. Quillon block with chiseled radiating lines; recurved
faceted quillons. Faceted ovoid pommel with button; grip with original iron turks heads and
later grip wrap of iron, silver, and brass wire. Diamond-section 39 3/4″ blade with short
central fuller, stamped with indistinct markings and a cross just below the fuller. Metal with
scattered pitting and a dull gray gunmetal patina. Impressive looking rapier of fine
workmanship and large proportions. Overall length 47 3/4″.