Polish/Hungarian Estoc, Last Quarter 17th C


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Iron hilt with L-shaped guard and long double langets. Wood grip with original cord and
leather wrap ((some loss to leather) with decorative central rosette and capstan pommel
with integral backstrap showing simple engraved decoration. Hilt shows lamination and
the langets are copper-brazed to the guard. Stiff 41 3/4″ straight hollow-ground triangular-
section thrusting blade showing lots of grain, light pitting and minor forging flaws. One
section of heavier pitting about 8″ from the point. Hilt and grip somewhat loose due to
wood shrinkage. A sword made strictly for thrusting as used by heavy armored cavalry.
Similar examples can be found in the Landeszeughaus in Graz, Austria, a period arsenal
housing weapons used against the invading Ottoman Turks. Overall length 46 3/4″; in
uncleaned as-found condition.