Unique Artillery or Pioneer Sword, Mid-19th C, Probably German


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Featuring one-piece cast Roman-style hilt with scale grip, short straight quillons with round
finials, and ovoid pommel with button. This style was typical of European and American
artillery swords of the second and third quarters of the 19th C. The unique curved 20 1/4″
unfullered blade is sharpened on the outside curve and saw-backed on the inside curve.
There is a round 3/8″ diameter hole in the blade 3″ from the tip, which was likely used to
mount the sword from a hook, perhaps in a wagon or caisson. We have seen other swords
of this type with straight saw-backed blades, but this is the first example we have
encountered with a curved blade. Overall length 26 ½”, weighing a hefty 43 ounces.(1221
g). Blade with scattered light pitting and a few edge nicks; the hilt with rich golden brown
patina. Untouched peen, but there is some play in the guard. No scabbard and probably
never had one. These pioneer swords were meant for heavy work with engineers, sappers,
and artillery crews, who frequently needed to use them to cut wood or dig away at earth
and rocks.